Friday, September 9, 2011


- 1948, December 10. Beverly Hills, California. Jessica born to Mary Gladys Wilkerson and Lane C. Cleaves.

- 1966. Join Harry Elston, Floyd Butler and Barbara Jean Love into "Distinctive Friends" changed to "Friends of Distinction" later.

- 1969-71. Recorded four albums with Friends Of Distinction.

- 1972-73. Join The Earth, Wind & Fire and rec. "Last Days & Time" and "Head To The Sky"

- 1973, January 10. Perform Live With Earth, Wind & Fire at the "Soul!" Show.

- 1974-76. Recorded with Don Everly, Gene Harris,...

- 1976. Join Funkadelic and recorded a couple of albums.

- 1978-80. Rec. with Bobby Hutcherson, Fred Wesley, Brides Of Funkenstein, Funkadelic and Parliament.

- 1980-82. Rec. with Parliament, Cousin Ice, Philippe Wynne, David Gamson, Funkadelic and George Clinton (I Really Envy The Sunshine, Send A Gram, My Love, Eyes Of A Dreamer)

- 1982-84. Join Raw Silk and rec. a couple of 12".

- 1985. Rec. the single "May The Cube Be With You" with Thomas Dolby.

- 1986-88. Rec. with George Clinton, Incorporated Thang Band and Thomas Dolby.

- 1987. Act with George Clinton P-Funk in "The Night Before" movie.

- 1989-90. Rec. with George Clinton.

- 1992. Rec. with Trey Lewd.

- 1993-94 Rec. the last (?) two albums with George Clinton/Parliament/Funkadelic/P-funk All Stars.

- 2012. "Cleaves' godson filmmaker Armand Araujo is scheduled to begin filming her life story "Jessica Cleaves, My Friends of Distinction" in 2013." (from WikiPedia)

- 2014, May 2. Los Angeles, CA. Jessica dies at age 65.